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K Series Impeller Pumps


  • These pumps are suitable for pumping clean water and fluids which are not chemically aggressive to the pump components.
  • They are extremely reliable, simple to use, quiet and virtually maintenance-free, finding many uses in domestic and civil applications, and in particular the automatic distribution of water from small and medium-size surge tanks, transfer water, watering gardens, etc.
  • These pumps should be installed in a covered area, protected against the weather.



  • Pump body: Cast iron
  • Front Cover: Cast iron
  • Impeller: Brass, centrifugal radial flow type (techno-polymer impeller on request)
  • Mechanical Seal: Ceramic and graphite



  • The pumps are coupled directly to an asynchronous, high efficiency induction motor of suitable size, which is quiet running, close and extremely ventilated, suitable for continuous duty.
  • Internal thermal protector
  • Single Phase
  • Heavy Duty Continuous Work
  • Shaft: Carbon Steel/Stainless Steel
  • Insulation: Class B/Class F
  • Protection: IP44/IP45
  • Cooling: External Ventilation


  1. Liquid temperature up to 60℃
  2. Ambient temperature up to 40℃
  3. Total suction lift up to 9m
  4. Continuous duty



Table – Technical Data

Model Power Ampere
R.P.M Q Max
H max
S Head
Pipe Dia L×W×H
N.W(kg) Packing QTY
HP kW 20′ CONT
K20/41M 0.5 0.37 3 2850 90 21 8 1″×1″ 275×160×205 10 2300PCS
K30/70M  1 0.75 6 2850 130 30 8 1″×1″ 300×185×235 14.5 1650PCS
K30/100M 1.5 1.1 8 2850 180 29 8 1.5″×1″ 333×200×255 18.5 1100PCS
K36/100M 2.5 1.85 8.8 2850 215 39 8 1.5″×1″ 333×200×255 19.7 1000PCS
K12/200M 1 0.75 4.6 2850 220 17 8 1.5″×1.5″ 312×169×218 13.8 1650PCS

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