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AS Series High Efficiency Single-Stage Double Suction Split Case Pump


AS pump is energy-efficient single-stage double-suction split-case centrifugal pump, based on advanced technology of double-suction pump and newly developed with the best hydraulic model in China.
The pump series is with wide performance range, high efficiency, reliable and reasonable structure, simple and efficient operation and maintenance.

AS type pump is a single-stage double suction horizontal split centrifugal pump.

This series of pump is suitable for water supply and drainage in factories, mines and cities, power station, drainage and irrigation of farming, and kinds of hydraulic projects.

AS Series Horizontal Split Case Diesel Centrifugal Water Pump is an axial opening of single-stage double-suction volute centrifugal pump, horizontal installation, driver (electric motor or the internal combustion engine) can be set in the left or right side of the pump (that is, export-oriented, driving counterclockwise on the left, on the right side for clockwise rotation).

Inlet and outlet are below the axis, they are horizontal and perpendicular to axis, and on the same line.
Pump casing and cover: high-lift and large diameter pump adopts double volute delivery chamber, which can decrease radial force, vibration and noise, and increase service life of bearing, There is no swirl at inlet, It operates smoothly; Strengthening ribs are distributed reasonably on pump cover, which can decrease distortion, and eliminate the harmful loose when fittings are pressed.

Parts of shafting: There are two kinds of structure. One is used for small ETS pump; the other is used for large ETS pump. For small one, the parts of shafting consist of shaft, shaft sleeve, seal, bearing bracket, bearing, locknut, bearing cover and so on. Seal, pump casing and cover form impeller working chamber. For large one, the parts of shafting consist of shaft, shaft sleeve, bearing bracket, bearing, locknut, bearing cover and so on. Impeller, inlet and outlet channel are centered automatically. Just lock the locknut at both ends of shaft when assembly. The shaft is sealed completely; it doesnt touch medium or erode the screw thread. It has long service life.

Bearing is supported by deep groove ball bearing. and lubricated by grease.

Shaft Seal: adopt soft packing seal or mechanical seal. Seal water for packing seal or cooling water and flush water for mechanical seal are pumped from delivery chamber through parts of return pipe or from outside.

The pump rotation is clockwise viewed from the drive end. It can be counter-clockwise according to users’requirements.

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