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Selecting the Right Pump


Searching in the market for the pumps of our need, you may happen to find a lot of variety in specifications. This article is to provide you all the necessary information about pumps to help you select one which is best for you. Or you can email us about your pump need and we will analysis for you.

Design Condition

A pump is usually expected to work for not just one but a range of applications. Having the understanding that which type of pump is right to fulfill you requirements is necessary. It can help in cutting down the costs as well as in increasing the life of the pump system. Assuming that a pump with highest efficiency or maximum capacity is the most suitable one can cost you in the long run. Thus, before buying a pump, its best to list down all the uses of pumps that you may use it for. And hence, become able to purchase the right one for yourself.

Selection Criteria

It is recommended that while choosing the best pump for yourself, you take the system approach. Determine the pressure and the flow of the irrigation system is of the utmost importance. The system approach is about realizing that the conditions for the pump will constantly change. The pump may have to deal with heads and flows which are not generally expected. For such situations, it is best to gather all the information you can get about a pump before buying it. It is also important to know the liquid properties and materials of construction before choosing the pumps and get the quotation.

Safest Choice

The first thing to know is what conditions the pump will be dealing with mostly. And select the type of pump you need. Whether it is an end-suction pump, submersible pump, and multistage pump or vertical turbine pump. The pump should be able to give its highest efficiency on those operating conditions. That next thing to know is about the complete range of heads and flows that it must bear with. The operating conditions must always fall in between that range to keep the pump from being damaged. This information is usually provide by the manufacturers of pumps on their packing. Once you have found such a pump, you are good to go. Then go ahead to decide the pump model and the size. Also , please also take into consideration for the pump environment and the power source availably. Whether it is motor driven and the diesel engine driven.

General Recommendations

After you have selected a pump for yourself based on the different operating conditions, you must get a few factors confirmed. One of such factors is getting the net positive adequate suction pressure i.e. NPSHA verified. This will help in verifying whether it suits the application or not.  For your pump to be the jack of all, NPSHA should exceed the net positive suction head required i.e. NPSHR by at least 1 meter.


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